Puzzle Master

Puzzle Master

Puzzle Master is a game of jigsaw puzzle with 550 Gorgeous Photos
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Puzzle Master is a fantastic and popular jigsaw puzzle game developed by eGames Inc. Version 5 includes lots of new and amazing features that you will hardly find in other puzzles. To start with, there are more than 500 new photographies of stunning landscapes, cities, exotic places, historic monuments and sites, wildlife, flowers and a lot more. Besides, you can use your favourite pictures, from your family, friends, pets, etc. and turn them into a new jigsaw puzzle. What is more, you can even create your own pieces and make them of the size you want. There are more than five piece shapes to choose from, as well as three different piece thickness, wood, cardboard or paper.
The levels of difficulty are five ranging from easy, with 35 pieces to hard
with 247 pieces, and you can also customize the number of pieces to suit your taste. With all these features, you and your family will have hours and hours of fun, as the only limitation here is your imagination!
Another feature that is really cool, is that you can play your own music while playing the game, it supports MP3 and WAV formats.
The download and install process is very straightforward. You will notice that, Puzzle Master interface is very easy to use and intuitive and is available in six languages. I would definitely recommend Puzzle Master, it is fun, challenging and easy to use. One of the best jigsaw puzzles I have ever played.

Claudia Liliana Timmer
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  • Lots of pictures and puzzle creation options
  • Challenging
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